Land Registry update – conveyancing just got easier!

Conveyancing enjoys somewhat of a chequered reputation. Conveyancing is the branch of law concerned with the preparation of legal documents and the like to do with the buying and selling of property. It is the act of transferring the ownerships of the property from one person to another, commonly using a deed, lease or mortgage….

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Quarter of homebuyers ‘would pay more’ for conveyancing

But why? uying a property is an exciting, yet stressful experience. It is a rollercoaster of high and lows but, all worth it when the keys to your new property are dropped in your hands. When you open the front door, you can start planning and creating to make it your perfect home. And this…

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Should I use a cheap conveyancer?

I am selling my home and have been looking to hire a cheap conveyancing firm but, after talking to a friend regarding his experience, I am unsure if a cheap, online conveyancing firm is worth the risk. Should I just hire a traditional solicitor or look to pay a lot more? Cheap is a word…

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The ‘Help to Buy’ Scheme explained

The Help to Buy scheme is a Government initiative borne from the Budget in March, 2013. It is the UK Government’s answer to helping people struggling to gain a foot hold on the property ladder due to lack of deposit or lack of equity in their first property. There are two elements to scheme, something…

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The 5 reasons why buying in Northampton is a must!

After the boom in house price that kicked off 2014, this year has seen slightly slower growth than predicted but as we examine here, this is not necessarily bad news for buyers or sellers. As a city, Northampton is a great place to live and work. With a property market that has been buoyant of…

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Birmingham becomes the city for property investment

We often think of the property market in domestic terms but, it is a far bigger market than this. Across Europe, individuals and organisations invest in property as a way of investing capital, without too much risk. A stable market The property market if any country fluctuates, usually reflecting the economic state of the country….

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The hidden costs of home buying

Buying a home should be an exciting time. In most cases, it is but, there can be one aspect of it that causes stress, anxiety and uncertainty – the cost of actually buying the property. Regardless of where you live, from the hub bub of city life to the solitude of rural life, you need…

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No sale, no fee conveyancing explained

We have all seen the compensation adverts, promising top quality legal help and services on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Matched with a robust assessment of any potential case, these companies will only really take on cases they know they can win. This conditional fee agreement means that the client only pays their solicitor…

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How can conveyancing consumers avoid hidden solicitors fees?

hidden solicitors fees? Buying and selling a property can be an exciting time but, it can be a stressful journey, full of potholes and pitfalls. For many people, the issue that causes them most hassle is the uncertainty of the bill they face for professionals acting on their behalf. And it seems that this affects…

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